2015-March: Video-C.P. Rail clearing of the Community Gardens

1. Video of CP Rail clearing Cypress Community Garden fences, vegetable boxes and plantings–March 2015.  ‘Railroading the Community Gardens’ by Mike Babiarz   2.  You can check out these commentaries and photos on the City Farmer’s website from March 3 2015: 3. See the Georgia Straight, March 2 2015–Article, photos and a short […]

CP Rail tears up Pine Street Community Garden -Stephen Hui photos

Today February 24th, 2015, CP has destroyed the Pine Street Community Garden located along West 6th Avenue between Burrard, Pine and Fir streets. This garden is located just one block away from Cypress Community Garden. CP has the right of way along the Arbutus Corridor, and is removing these encroachments as part of their plan […]