June 17 2020 Community Gardens an Essential Food and Agricultural Service

The Province has designated community gardens as an essential food and agriculture service provider during the COVID-19 response. This includes shared gardens that are on public, private and school district land.    See the BC Centre for Disease Control web site at The Guidelines for working in the Community Garden are on the website and […]

June 2020 Vegetable Gardening Workshops-On Line!!!!

UBC Farm is offering a series of  Online Community Workshops  ( ) on VEGETABLE GARDENING and they are affordable (approx $15/per workshop). Cypress Community Gardeners and others might want to check this out.  The online workshops are being offered this year due to Covid-19

March 2020 DUE to COVID-19 All Work Parties and Group Events Cancelled

To limit the spread of COVID-19 the City of Vancouver has instructed all Community Gardens to cancel Work Parties and Group Events.   Gardeners may work independently while maintaining physically distancing of a minimum of 2 metres (6 feet) between individuals; without sharing food, tools, gloves, and equipment; and while following the City of Vancouver’s COVID […]

2016 March City of Vancouver Purchases Arbutus Corridor!!! 2016 July: City provides Arbutus Corridor Update Notice: Temporary pathway installation under way

2016 -March-City of Vancouver purchases Arbutus Corridor !!!!! July 2016-City provides Update Notice: Temporary asphalt pathway installation under way The most relevant sections are highlighted below: Starting this week, the City will begin installing a temporary asphalt pathway to allow continued use of the space for recreation until construction of the future Arbutus Greenway gets […]

2015-March: Video-C.P. Rail clearing of the Community Gardens

1. Video of CP Rail clearing Cypress Community Garden fences, vegetable boxes and plantings–March 2015.  ‘Railroading the Community Gardens’ by Mike Babiarz   2.  You can check out these commentaries and photos on the City Farmer’s website from March 3 2015: 3. See the Georgia Straight, March 2 2015–Article, photos and a short […]