Work Party Duties

  • The FIRST and MAJOR task of each Section Clean-up Party, including the Spring and Fall Work Party, is to cut grass and trim edges around the entire garden area. (not just weeding or tidying up). Please remember that grass grows fast each week and the next work party is usually 2-3 weeks away. The work party is over ONLY after all the grass and all edges are cut. If the grass isn’t cut….the lawnmowers can’t get through the tall grass 2 weeks later.
  • As the task of the Clean-up Parties is to ensure that the entiregarden is mowed and kept attractive for neighbours and the public, members are not permitted to work on individual plots or within their own Section at these times.
  • Grass cutting includes all the grass on the track-side of the gardens (not just one path down the rockery), around the Perennial Garden, the Burrard end, and the curb side of the garden. Grass cutting includes cutting all edges around rockeries and fences, paths and borders.
  • Attending 4 clean-up parties per year OR Doing Make-up Work is part of your community garden commitment—ie. mandatory. These are: the Spring and Fall Work Parties, and TWO of your Section Work Parties during the spring and summer. Garden membership renewal is based on this community participation.
  • Work parties take place RAIN or SHINE  and they last a minimum of 2 hours, the time normally needed to cut grass and trim edges for the entire site. Please arrive on time as the grass and edge-trimming  must be completed before the Work/Clean-up Party is finished.

Notify your Section Rep prior to the Work Party if you are unable to attend. You must arrange alternate work or grass cutting to make up for your absence. Section Heads keep in touch with the Garden Co-Ordinators on this.  Notify your Section Rep as to when you will be doing the make up work.

  • Sign in with your Section Rep when you arrive. Bring a garbage bag for picking up litter such as cans, Styrofoam cups, bottles, etc. Wearor bring long pants and closed-toed shoes for grass cutting, edging, and weed-whacking. Bring rain gear if necessary, gloves and your garden tools. Bring a snack so you don’t have to leave because you’re hungry or weak.
  • Two push mowers, a gas mower and the gas weed eaters are carried over from the storage across the street. Other edgers and other tools are to be picked up from the SPEC shed.
  • Tools brought to the garden at the beginning of the Party must be cleanedand returned to at the end of the Party. Note: the gas weed-eaters and accessories bag, the push mowers (2) and power gas mower are returned to the designated area at the condo on 6th
  • Cuttings and Trimmings in brown recyclable bags go to the Burrard end for city pick up.

Make sure bags are not too heavy or they won’t be picked up. And…—NO!! garbage in them.

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