Provincial MLAs write to CPR


Our action for the Arbutus Corridor just received the support of two more Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) of British Columbia: David Eby (Vancouver – Point Grey) and George Heyman (Vancouver – Fairview) who sent letters to Mr Harrison, CEO and Director of Canadian Pacific Railway Company.

Click here to download the pdf of the letter from David Eby, MLA: David Eby Letter to CP Rail re Arbutus Corridor_July 15 2014

Below is the transcript of the letter from George Heyman, MLA (click here to download the pdf: George Heyman july 18th letter to CP):

George Heyman, MLA (Vancouver-Fairview)
642 W. Broadway
V5Z 1G1
Province of British Columbia Legislative Assembly


To Mr. E. Hunter Harrison, CEO and Director

Canadian Pacific Railway Company
7550 Ogden Dale Road S.E.
Calgary, AB T2C 4X9
VIA FAX: 1-403-205-9000

Dear Mr. Harrison:

RE: CP Rail Arbutus Corridor in Vancouver, British Columbia

I am writing to you in my capacity as Member of the Legislative Assembly for the provincial constituency of Vancouver-Fairview in British Columbia.

Vancouver-Fairview is home to many community gardens. These gardens are used as a way for my constituents to supplement their groceries – a low income constituent wrote to me expressing how she manages to save money on groceries by growing her own vegetables; as a way to give back to their neighbours – I spoke with the members of a community garden along the Arbutus Corridor and they informed me that these gardens are so full that they donate a generous portion to the food bank; and as a tool for teaching the younger generation about sustainable living, protecting green spaces and the importance of bees and bugs – one of the community gardens that will be affected by the CP Rail decision has a great bee population, a welcome addition to the area as bees, flies, butterflies and wasps ensure the pollination of about one-third of our food supply.
We have received phone calls and e-mails from a number of constituents who are concerned about losing a significant amount of green space in their community. The folks who have put in the effort to build their garden are angered that their hard work will go to waste, while folks who have enjoyed the gardens have let us know that the green space is a highly valued alternative to the weeds and trash that often builds up along unused tracks. In fact, the gardeners have taken pride in their work of keeping tangled shrubs from growing along the tracks and instead fostering the growth of useful plants and greenery I have read CP’s letters and reports and I understand that CP Rail has been interested in using the space near the dormant rails along the Arbutus Corridor for green space and community innovation. I assume that CP Rail does not want to bring ill to the Arbutus Corridor neighbours or harm to existing green space. With that in mind, I write today to urge you to hold off on your July 31St deadline for residents to
remove their community gardens – gardens that are lush with ripe fruits and vegetables, gardens that have had months of energy and resources put into them.Instead, I ask that you continue to seek a mutual agreement with the City of Vancouver. The adoption of the space is unique, it does not make good sense to tear it all down. I urge CP Rail to show leadership on this issue and instead of tearing down the hundreds of hours of hard work put into these gardens, to work with the Arbutus neighbours to fmd a mutually beneficial solution, including maintenance of this space for everyone’s enjoyment.
I look forward to hearing from you.


George Heyman, MLA