CP Rail agrees to cease work on Arbutus corridor

CP Rail has committed to cease all work on the Arbutus corridor until the City’s injunction application gets heard in court on December 9th, 2014. Information from the City of Vancouver website:

Canadian beekeepers sue Bayer, Syngenta over neonicotinoid pesticides

A class action lawsuit seeks $400 million in damages   The pesticides, which are a neurotoxin to insects, are widely coated on corn, soybean and canola seeds in Canada to protect the plants from pests such as aphids. Studies have shown that bees exposed to the pesticides have smaller colonies, fail to return to their […]

Arbutus Victory Garden sends letter to the City

The Arbutus Victory Gardeners have just sent the following letter to Vancouver City Council, local MLAs, MPs, and CP Rail: It contains four actions they are requesting the City and other government to support them on going forward with CP Rail: *intervene by any legal means available, such as a stay of action or a legal suit, to halt the progress of […]

CPR has started clearing Community Gardens

The Vancouver Sun reports that CPR started clearing community garden encroaching on the right of way in the Arbutus Corridor: More photos of the clearing on GlobalNews:  

CPR responds to MLA letter

As you may remember, MLAs David Eby and George Heyman both sent letters to the CEO of Canadian Pacific Railway to support the development of greens spaces along the Arbutus Corridor.   You can visit David Eby’s website to see his letter, along with CPR’s response to it:   You can also visit George […]