Global News: Arbutus Corridor paving raises ire of some residents

Controversy continues for the Arbutus corridor. Many residents in the area are not too fond of the city’s temporary solution for increasing access. Julia Foy has more on what’s being done. Read the full article and watch the video on Global website:

Global TV: Arbutus corridor temporary asphalt pathway

The long term plans for the Arbutus Corridor in Vancouver have yet to be finalized. But we now know what the city’s short-term plan is…and some residents are pretty upset about it. City staff recently announced a temporary asphalt pathway for a four kilometre stretch of the corridor.. And the paving has already begun. But […]

City of Vancouver provides Arbutus Corridor Update Notice: Temporary pathway installation under way

The most relevant sections are highlighted below: Starting this week, the City will begin installing a temporary asphalt pathway to allow continued use of the space for recreation until construction of the future Arbutus Greenway gets underway. The temporary pathway, which will be shared by pedestrians and cyclists, etc. will be installed in sections; the […]

Clearing along the tracks is complete

The “encroachments” along Cypress Garden have been cleared out by CPR, see below the pictures taken today. We ask the public to please respect the fencing and to not take any plant, as the remaining parts of the gardens are located on City land and will continue to provide a gardening space for the community. […]