June 2020 Vegetable Gardening Workshops-On Line!!!!

UBC Farm is offering a series of  Online Community Workshops  ( ) on VEGETABLE GARDENING and they are affordable (approx $15/per workshop). Cypress Community Gardeners and others might want to check this out.  The online workshops are being offered this year due to Covid-19

March 2020 DUE to COVID-19 All Work Parties and Group Events Cancelled

To limit the spread of COVID-19 the City of Vancouver has instructed all Community Gardens to cancel Work Parties and Group Events.   Gardeners may work independently while maintaining physically distancing of a minimum of 2 metres (6 feet) between individuals; without sharing food, tools, gloves, and equipment; and while following the City of Vancouver’s COVID […]

2016 City of Vancouver Purchases Arbutus Corridor!!! provides Arbutus Corridor Update Notice: Temporary pathway installation under way

2016 -March-City of Vancouver purchases Arbutus Corridor !!!!! July 2016-City provides Update Notice: Temporary asphalt pathway installation under way The most relevant sections are highlighted below: Starting this week, the City will begin installing a temporary asphalt pathway to allow continued use of the space for recreation until construction of the future Arbutus Greenway gets […]