Welcome to Cypress Community Garden, an Award-winning grassroots initiative located along the Arbutus Corridor in the heart of Kitsilano, Vancouver.

The community garden provides much needed green space in the area.

Diverse flowers, shrubs and vegetables serve to attract birds (we have a Bird Garden at the east end of our site), and the Perennial garden at the west end is filled with butterflies and hums with several types of bees from spring to fall (the Arbutus Corridor is an important home for the Mason Bee).

Community gardens are important social and educational spaces that serve as dynamic catalysts in terms of fostering pride in community . Vancouver residents of all ages and many international tourists visit the gardens to learn about organic gardening, and to relax in the public areas.

Gardeners, along with tending organic vegetable and flower plots, have for two decades initiated garbage clean-up and with grass cutting and plantings have created a vibrant  walkable green space. All work is done by volunteers.

Not surprisingly, we’re a popular city and neighbourhood green space and a favourite for visitors as well as local urban contenders across Canada.

Where are we?

Cypress Community Garden is found in the Kitsilano neighbourhood along West 6th Avenue in between Cypress Street and Burrard Street. The garden is easily accessible by the 7th Avenue and Cypress bicycle routes, or from the #4 and #7 buses on West 4th, or the #9, #10 or #16 buses on Broadway. Parking is available along the garden (north) side of 6th Avenue between Burrard and Cypress, or along the south side of 5th Avenue. Please watch for permit parking signs.


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